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Panic Attacks

Panic attacks typically happen without warning to people who have panic disorder, a type of anxiety disorder.  Can Alpha-Stim® help with your symptoms?Panic Attacks

Alpha-Stim® acts fast.  It stops or decreases anxiety in most people in less than 20 minutes which makes it a good treatment option for people with this disorder.  In fact, many Alpha-Stim® patients who have panic attacks will carry around a device to ease their anxious feelings if an attack hits.  For more information, please call us at 1-888-END-ANXIETY (363-2694) or email us to see if Alpha-Stim®  may be able to help you.

Do you have panic attacks?  Read below to learn more.

"For me, a panic attack is almost a violent experience. I feel disconnected from reality. I feel like I'm losing control in a very extreme way. My heart pounds really hard, I feel like I can't get my breath, and there's an overwhelming feeling that things are crashing in on me."

"It started 10 years ago, when I had just graduated from college and started a new job. I was sitting in a business seminar in a hotel and this thing came out of the blue. I felt like I was dying."

"In between panic attacks there is this dread and anxiety that it's going to happen again. I'm afraid to go back to places where I've had an attack. Unless I get help, there soon won't be any place where I can go and feel safe from panic."

Do you have sudden bursts of fear for no reason?  Do you feel awful when they happen?

Please note any problems below that you have during these sudden bursts of fear.

  • I have chest pains or a racing heart.

  • I have a hard time breathing.

  • I have a choking feeling.

  • I feel dizzy.

  • I sweat a lot.

  • I have stomach problems or feel like I need to throw up.

  • I shake, tremble, or tingle.

  • I feel out of control.

  • I feel unreal.

  • I am afraid I am dying or going crazy.

If you have some of these problems, you may have Panic Disorder.
Panic disorder is a real illness that needs to be treated.
It's not your fault if you have this illness, and you don't have to suffer.

1.  What is panic disorder?

Panic disorder is a real illness. It's symptoms can be treated with numerous modalities such as the therapy, medicines, or Alpha-Stim® for anxiety.  If you have panic disorder, you feel suddenly terrified for no reason. These frequent bursts of terror are called panic attacks. During a panic attack, you also have scary physical feelings like a fast heartbeat, trouble breathing, or dizziness.

Panic attacks can happen at any time and any place without warning. They often happen in grocery stores, malls, crowds, or while traveling.

You may live in constant fear of another attack and may stay away from places where you have had an attack. For some people, fear takes over their lives and they are unable to leave their homes.

Panic attacks don't last long, but they are so scary they feel like they go on forever.

2.  When does panic disorder start and how long does it last?

It usually starts when people are young adults, around 18 to 24 years old. Sometimes it starts when a person is under a lot of stress, for example after the death of a loved one or after having a baby.
Anyone can have panic disorder, but more women than men have the illness. It sometimes runs in families.  Panic disorder can last for a few months or for many years.

3.  Am I the only person with this illness?

No. You are not alone. In any year, 2.4 million Americans have panic disorder.

4.  What can I do to help myself?

Talk to your doctor about your fear and panic attacks. Tell your doctor if the panic attacks keep you from doing everyday things and living your life. You may want to show your doctor this web site. It can help you explain how you feel. Ask your doctor for a checkup to make sure you don't have some other illness.
Ask your doctor if he or she has helped other people with panic disorder. Special training helps doctors treat people with panic disorder. If your doctor doesn't have special training, ask for the name of a doctor or counselor who does.
Get more information. If you would like we can provide you with information about Alpha-Stim® as a treatment option to reduce your anxiety.  Call 1-888-END-ANXIETY (363-2694) to talk to us about how Alpha-Stim® may be able to help you.

5.  What can a doctor or counselor do to help me?

Talking to a specially trained doctor or counselor who can teach you ways to cope with your panic attacks helps many people with panic disorder. Therapy may help you feel less afraid and anxious.  Talk to your doctor or counselor about Alpha-Stim®.  It has shown efficacy in even the most severe cases of anxiety.


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Panic Attacks