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Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual

PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Veterans
MSG. I. S. Parrish , USA Retired

ISBN 0-7414-0077-4
Published by Infinity Publishing
Bryn Mawr , PA

From Chapter 5
Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation

CES - A.R.T. for your Brain

CES (cranial electrotherapy stimulation) treats a variety of ailments, but because of legal restrictions, the manufacturers are only allowed to say that it effectively treats anxiety, depression, stress, and insomnia. To receive a "brain treatment," electrode clips are placed on the earlobes for an average of twenty minutes three times per week. The user may feel a slight tingling sensation but often feels nothing at all.

Some users report feeling light (or heavy then light), as their anxiety fades away. Unlike drugs used to treat mood disorders, the mind is left alert while the body is relaxed. Dr. Kirsch uses the analogy of having a Type-A mind with a Type-B body. (Type-A personalities are usually creative, hard working go-getters, but often suffer from stress-related ills. Type-B's are more relaxed and laid back but tend to live with their parents until their 30's.)

Anxiety reduction is usually felt during the first treatment although the effects are cumulative over time. Depression and insomnia are usually controlled, if not cured, in two to three weeks. Users also report feeling more energetic, focused, and, well, good. Although not its primary mechanism of action, microcurrent treatment Increases natural endorphin output.

Studies are still ongoing in many of these areas, but people are noticing marked improvements in the treatment of ADD, phobias, and drug and alcohol addiction (including prescription drug addiction) using CES. Users also report an increased ability to learn, concentrate and focus. This technology has even been used to treat criminals since some types of crime are considered to be manifestations of anxiety. (Perhaps we should hook Mike Tyson up to one of these things?)

CES can also be used to treat post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Kirsch traveled to Kuwait after the Gulf War to train medical personnel in its use. (After the events of September 11th, Dr. Kirsch offered to send as many microcurrent stimulators as needed to New York. The offer became so tangled in red tape that New Yorkers never received the technology. New Yorkers, however, have been clamoring for prescription sedatives and relaxants since the attacks according to a recent article from Reuters.)

While Americans do need a prescription from a doctor or any LMP (Licensed Medical Professional), these are easy to obtain as the technology becomes more well known in the medical community. A dentist, chiropractor and even a certified acupuncturist can prescribe the device. The CES device runs around $500 (US) and can often be rented. Some insurance companies may cover part of the cost.

Article by Chris Shugart from Testosterone Magazine.

Authors notes: Thanks to my friend Dan for sharing this information. Dan also says he has had positive results using the device. In his words:

"I first read about the Alpha-Stim in an article called "The Microcurrent Revolution", by Chris Shugart, on line in a magazine called Testosterone. I hadnít really thought about using it until October 2002 when we had those asshat snipers running around the DC area.

After the snipers appeared, my PTSD went through the roof. I had a lot of anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, and was getting close to the end of my rope, so to speak. I was still seeing the EMDR therapist at the time, and she was pretty close to referring me for medication, so I tried the Alpha-Slim as a last measure.

I contacted the company, Electromedical Products International, who referred me to a dentist, Dr. Singer, who was able to prescribe an Alpha-Stim. When I arrived at his office, I was tired from not sleeping the night before, depressed, and extremely stressed since I needed to gas up my car and was afraid of getting shot. He hooked me up to an Alpha-Stim and left me alone reading a magazine.

After about 20 minutes, I noticed a "heavy" sleepy feeling and wasn't as stressed when I walked in. I chalked my decreasing stress up to being distracted by the magazine, so didn't think much of it at the time. As the session went on, I noticed my depression was lifting and my anxiety was still going down. After an hour and twenty minutes, I was physically energetic and my depression/anxiety disappeared. I was a little mentally tired, but nothing some coffee couldn't fix. These feelings lasted through the entire day, but when I woke up the next day, I was back to my original feelings of anxiety/depression.

I had bought an Alpha-Stim (about $500), from Dr. Singer for my personal use and took it to work, using it in my car during my lunch break. The same results occurred as the day before, my mood elevated (the best description is "euphoric") and I was able to concentrate during the day with no problems. My depression/anxiety returned each morning for about a week and a half, and each time the Stim dissipated those feelings. The amount of time I used the Stim for treatment also decreased. My sessions dropped from an hour, to 40 minutes, then 30.

After that, my depression/anxiety would return every 2-3 days and Iíd use the Stim, again for a decreasing amount of time, from 30 minutes down to 20 within a week. I was also sleeping better, usually needing 8 hours of sleep, but was functioning fine on 6 hours. I was also much more sociable and had no problems starting a conversation with complete strangers, which I wasn't like before using the Stim.

Most PTSD triggers had little effect, and I could control them within 5-10 minutes. If I was triggered by something major, then I'd be able to get back to "normal" within an hour or less, instead of being agitated for longer periods of time.

Overall, I guess the best way to describe Stim usage is it feels like someone's cleared the cobwebs from my head. Even before 9/11, I was a depressive pessimist ft had trouble thinking positively. After using the Stim, I started seeing alternatives to getting out of situations when I couldn't before and kept a positive attitude for a longer period of time.

Bad side effects? Nothing I can tell and I've been using the Stim on/off for about a year.

This material is reproduced with the permission of Electromedical Products International, Inc. © 2006

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Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual