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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsI just wanted to send a thank you for this wonderful product. My son has pretty bad ADD and he was floundering in school. He had repeated first grade and was now in second and was struggling. I did not want to put him on chemical medications as I believe they do more harm than good. I wanted more than a band aid, I wanted a cure. I myself had been through a similar biofeedback program and am still financially indebted for it. When I was introduced to the Alpha Stim® I tried it for a while to see if it was any good. Well to my surprise it helped my on my focus and also helped me manage my pain for my Fibromyalgia. So I purchased it and have used it on my son. The teachers, my family and all that knew my son were amazed. He was able to pay attention and get his work done. He came out of his shell.

It was a miraculous intervention. We had prayed for so long for an answer that we could afford. And it came in this product. My son in still doing incredible and growing all the time. He has popped out of his shell and his self esteem has skyrocketed. We had this term that we used when he wasn't doing well, it was called "zoning out". Which in essence what was happening. Now he tells me he wants to do biofeedback so he never has to zone out again. We are very grateful and know that you enjoy helping others with this product as much as we enjoy being helped.

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