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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

Pat Haley - New Haven, CT <Prev Testimonial Testimonial List^ Next Testimonial>

Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsInitially I was interested in the Alpha-Stim® for anxiety and depression. A friend who practices alternative veterinary medicine demonstrated the ear clips for me when I was going though a long period of severe anxiety.  I knew immediately this machine was for me and right away began saving up money to purchase my own machine.

Little did I know how much I would come to rely on the Alpha-Stim® for my chronic neck and back pain of 37 years and presently sciatica. Over the years, Iíve tried all types of therapy and home remedies and nothing has ever come close to the results the Alpha-Stim® offers. In fact, in most cases it has completely cleared up my body pain.

It was only a short time ago that just about every other month I would be so discouraged over the next pain issue that I would be dealing with- taking two to three weeks to get over. Now what ever comes up, I can deal with it right away.

Iíve been in pain for so many years and so often hopeless- sometimes I donít ever think of using the Alpha-Stim® right away. And then of course I wonder why I didnít go straight to it. What is amazing is no matter how severe or stubborn the pain is, I know that if I just keep at it with the Alpha-Stim®, it will eventually clear up.

Iíve also suffered from depression on and off throughout my life. But when I entered menopause, my resilience was affected profoundly and I also developed severe anxiety.

I am on medication for this, but began using the ear clips daily a couple of months ago. The anxiety has lessened quite a bit and hope to one day be using just the Alpha-Stim® for anxiety and depression.

I am so grateful to have found the Alpha-Stim® and been able to purchase one. I will always be depending on it to help me through difficult times and to improve my life.

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