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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsI've owned the Alpha-Stim® for about ten and a half years and when I first started using it, I felt great. During this period in my life I was very social and enjoyed being out and away from home as much as possible. What I had not realized was how much better it made me feel until I quit using it for a few years. I suffer from a severe and debilitating anxiety disorder, which is so bad that sometimes I can't even drive for months at a time, can't listen to music because I become so oversensitive to sound, and will have panic attacks lasting hours. A couple of years after I quit using the Alpha-Stim®, these symptoms which I had had at other periods when I was younger came on. This summer, I decided to try the Alpha-Stim® again, and the anxiety problems have subsided and I have been able to drive and go out again, and listen to music as loud as I want to. Treatment with typical SSRI's did not work for me, and benzodiazepines make you feel like a zombie. Anyone who suffers from severe anxiety disorder had better seriously consider using the Alpha-Stim® because if they don't, they have no idea what kind of relief, and how much of life they are missing out on. Dr. Daniel Kirsch is an absolute genius and should win the Nobel prize.

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Anxiety Treatment Now Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials