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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsI bought the Alpha-Stim® SCS in August for leg pain (possibly caused by anxiety), mood enhancing and stress reduction. I just finished my first semester in law school, after using it for the recommended frequency and duration and I was much less stressed than most of my friends and just less stressed than I would have thought I would have been. I thought that my leg pain was reduced and my mood was generally better and calmer and I certainly cried over life's imperfections much less than I have in the past during the school year. So, while I think there can be many variables in reducing anxiety and improving happiness, I think that it was likely caused from using the Alpha Stim®

In addition, I am a big proponent of natural, non-invasive therapies, rather than prescription drugs and I think that the Alpha Stim® is a much better solution because I experienced virtually no side effects, as compared with dangerous anti-anxiety and anti-depressant drugs. All I experienced from the Alpha Stim® was red dots on my ear lobes, which went away within a few hours and minor tingling/prickly feeling while using it sometimes, which only lasted a few minutes. So, I would much prefer to use this then take dangerous drugs.

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