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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsI have sent information about the Alpha-Stim® to the APFA and American Airlines but I am sure, you could give them better information than I did. All I know is it has made such a positive impact on my family, I can't help but sing it's praises. I tell every flight attendant I work with, as I know most are on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs. I knew American Airlines would want to know about this amazing device for the financial savings it would have on the company. Since they are self funded, can you imagine how much money they would save if even 50% of their employees were able to withdraw from anti-depressant medications? Although my husband isn't completely medication free, we have been able to cut his medications in half - saving us $50.00 each month in medications costs. I will be medication free by January and that will add another $50.00 a month in savings to our family.

Alpha-Stim® was originally prescribed by our counselor for our adopted daughter who was suffering with Reactive Attachment Disorder. Before she began using the system to calm her down, she would have rages that would become violent. Last March she had such an episode where she raged uncontrollably. She clawed my arms with her nails when I tried to hold her to keep her from running out the door. She's only 10 years old but when she raged, she had unbelievable strength. After holding her down for almost 30 minutes, she broke free and ran out the door. I called the police and they had to help me find her and restrain her again. I called the counselor who came to the house immediately placed her on the Alpha-Stim® unit. Within ten minutes, she was calm and crying "I'm so sorry Mommy, what did I do?". Through counseling and the use of the Alpha-Stim®, she hasn't had one rage since March.

When I saw the difference the Alpha-Stim® made in my daughter, I started using it myself for anxiety. I have been on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication since 9/11. Our work environment on every flight is so stressful. Before 9/11, we were more like Ambassadors for American Airlines. Now we wear the hats of safety, security, counselor, customer service, etc. I feel conflicted constantly never knowing if the customer I am serving, being nice to and trying to ensure they will return as a repeat customer is the one who will try to take my life or control of the aircraft. Because of the stress in our workplace, I became ill more often and suffered more in-flight injuries. However, with the Alpha-Sti®, I can manage that stress. I can administer a treatment on the plane, in the hotel or even sitting in the airport. It doesn't affect me as drugs do, it only removes the stress so I can think clearer and make rational decisions. As a flight attendant, we are limited to what medications we can take while flying or even eight hours before a flight. With Alpha-Stim®, medication is no longer a worry and as of January 2005, won't be an issue at all.

We were also very impressed with your customer service when the device stopped working last month and we emailed your company about repair. It was repaired and back to us within ten working days without any hassles. Since my daughter, husband and I share the unit, you can imagine how much the short repair time meant to us. As we said in our first letter, we're very pleased with Alpha-Stim® and hope more people will learn about it's benefits, so they too can become stress free and drug free.

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