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Alpha-Stim® Patient Testimonials

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Anxiety Treatment Patient TestimonialsI would like to share my story of how the Alpha-Stim® has helped me. I had been put on medication for depression 12 years ago, and routinely had to have my dosage increased because it lost its effectiveness. I had tried going without medications several times, but always relapse into depression. I went back on medication, which helped me temporarily, but the depression always returned.
By the fall of 2004, I was on multiple medications that cost my insurance company and me over $300 a month. Even with insurance, my portion of the cost was getting hard to take. What seemed the most pointless to me was that I was still depressed, even with the medication. The medical route was no longer successful. The only option I was ever given by the medical professionals was to increase dosage or try new medication. I had had some success with light therapy, and began looking at natural options for treating depression. I made some significant diet changes, and began to gradually decrease my medication, when I began to relapse, becoming severely depressed. It was at this time that I was introduced to the Alpha-Stim® by a relative who was working in a clinic that prescribed the Alpha-Stim® for many of its patients. She knew of my long history of depression, and had seen many patients be successfully treated for depression by the Alpha-Stim®.
I was skeptical at first, because I had been dependant on medication so long. She lent me her Alpha-Stim, and I was so desperate to feel better that I said I would try anything. I didn�t like the side effects of medication, and didn�t want to go back on it. I used the Alpha-Stim® several weeks without seeing much of a difference. I kept calling my relative and asking, �Are you sure this works?� Finally, just when I was about to start on medication again, thinking that the Alpha-Stim® wasn�t going to work, I started feeling better. I know it was the Alpha-Stim® because I had not changed anything else in my life over that time. I continued to use it, and continued to feel better. Soon I purchased my own Alpha-Stim®. Now, I do not need to use it every day. I may use it a couple of times a week, or when I start to feel down several days in a row. I still have down days�don�t we all?�but I feel better now than I usually did when I was taking medication for depression. I credit the Alpha-Stim® for helping me remain off the medication. I hope others can use Alpha-Stim® to find relief from their depression.

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